Thursday, June 17, 2010

OK... Now it's been 4 months since I've posted anything...

So, it's another new job.  I was made manager of a development group back in October of 2009, and just last week I was "reorganized" and made manager of IT related training for the company.

This move certainly "feels" better to me than my last move.  I had never managed software developers before, and while managing people is sort of a universal skill, it does take a bit of technical experience to manage programmers. 

This current position fits much nicer and neater into my wheelhouse.  I have a pretty extensive background in training, and I actually came out of a training position back in 1996 when I made my serious move into computers, networks, and technology in general.  Being able to merge my technology experience with my passion for training and learning really feels like a dream job to me.

I'll not make any promises regarding posting more often, although I think I'd like to do that as I create this new position that I've been given.  Check back, I may just surprise you.