Sunday, August 22, 2010

Resident expert...

I want to preface my post by saying that I harbor NO hard feelings towards anyone nor am I really complaining here.  I'm just wondering out loud.

With that said, I ponder out loud how many of my IT Bretheren finds themselves in the same predicament that I find myself in often?

I've got a multitude of close friends.  I've got a whole truck load of what I would call close acquantinces.  These are the people you generally don't hang out with, or call, but when you do see them, or happen to get together with them you have a thoroughly good time.

So, don't call these people, and those close friends... really don't talk to them on a regular basis.  Work, family, living, day to day grind, new jobs, tight deadlines, upcoming milestones, etc. etc. etc. all tend to get in the way.  Of course it goes the other way too.  Don't hear from anyone very often either, and really, that's fine.  I understand.

But I'll be damned, when they have a computer problem, the phone call goes something like this...

"Mike!!! How the hell are ya?  Long time.  How've ya been?  How's your daughter, and your girlfriend?  Listen, don't want to take up too much of your time, I know you're busy, but I've got this computer problem..."

From there it goes one of a couple of ways.

1)  You walk them through rebooting, refreshing, powering down and back up again...

2)  You tell them to drop their system off, and you'll look over it as soon as you can.

Oh yeah... the third scenario... almost always with either family or the realy close friends...

3) When's a good time for you, I'll stop and take a look at for you.

Why can't my friends or relatives be tax preparers, or home remodelers?