Saturday, November 28, 2009

Finally...Four days off that feels like four days off.

Too many times I get a three or four day weekend only to think I need a couple of more days at the end of it. Most three or four day weekends tend to get filled up in such a way that we feel less rested at the end of them, than we would have felt after a normal two day weekend. Why is that? (I ponder often.)

I think I can only chalk it up to age. As I've grown older, I've learned to appreciate the importance of the long weekend, and I've tried so often to squeeze as much into it (or out of it, depending on your glass half full position), that I can. Consequently, most of the time, I feel increased stress trying to get it all in.

This past four day weekend, I've spent some it with family, some it with my significant other, and some of it by myself pursuing my own interests. In actuality, I'm on day three of the four day, with still one more day to enjoy off. And with one more day to go, I'm feeling quite relaxed and rested. That's a nice feeling for a change.

So tomorrow, I'm going to continue to enjoy my freedom from work by looking over my work email before Monday, checking over the progress I'm making on new project plans and project status reports. I'll probably log into work to answer any inquiries that may have come in from our Asian and European offices over the Thanksgiving weekend as well.

Boy am I glad for four day weekends.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Holidays Cometh...

So next week is Thanksgiving. Turkey, Pumpkin Pie, Food Coma. What's a diabetic to do? Hunker down and state loudly, "Pass the potatoes please."

Work continues to be challenging. Shortly after my last post, the hammer came down in the guise of "reorganization". That Director who asked me to consider and take a new challenge within the organization found himself reorganized right out of a job. The IT department lost a total of 5 people during this round of reorganization. I walk around believing I'm leading either a charmed life, or Karma is smiling favorably on me. The position I left was cut, and there's no replacement for that job. So... If I hadn't taken this new job, I would have made a visit to the unemployment lines.

The new job continues to be a learning experience. One of my peers was kind enough to enlighten me to a well known lesson to all but me. He explained the difference between "Manager Time" and "Maker Time". The "Makers" are the developers that I am managing now. He explained how important it is to schedule meetings for my employees either early in the day, or late in the day, but to do my best not to schedule in the middle of the day. Apparently, programmers "ramp up", and become productive after the ramp up time. Disturbing their day with mid-day meetings really throws the proverbial monkey wrench into their productivity. (Lesson learned, and Thank You Ted M.)

Off to play Pinochle. (My new favorite past time)